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We offer you certification in Russia and EU:

EU certificates

EU certification
Products certification in the European Union. CE marking of your products.

The essential requirements to the products which are made in the EU, and also delivered to the European Union from the third countries are their full safety and harmlessness when using for human beings, animals, property and environment.

The fundamental safety requirements for various types of products are addressed in the appropriate EU directives as well as in European and international standards.
Conformity assessment procedure (certification) for the products envisages the specified sequence of activities upon completion of that the manufacturer shall apply CE marking to the products and also on his own responsibility shall warrant and declare that his products are in full conformity with EU Directives and harmonized European Standards. Such manufacturer’s declaration is called Declaration of Conformity EC.

EC conformity declaration may be prepared by the manufacturer only after his performance the work package as below:
  • -Kit of evidential documentation (Technical file) for the products is prepared;
  • -Conformity of products to EU Directives and standards is assessed by competent authority;
  • -Results of product tests confirm its conformity to European standards;
  • -At the company there was established and currently is in operation the quality control system ensuring large-scale manufacturing of the products in conformity with European standards.

Having performed the above listed work package and also having available the relevant documents and test protocols approved by EU notified bodies on certification, manufacturing enterprise or the exporting company is allowed to deliver and sell the products in the markets of the European Union’s countries without any restrictions.

CE marking

CE is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that are manufactured in, or designed to be sold in, the EEA.

Certification in Russia

RU certification

We can offer the following types of certification in Russia:

  • -Certificate for Custom Union.
    TR CU Certificate and Declaration. Technical Reglament Conformity Certificate.
    Since 25 September 2010 new regulations came into force on certification equipment, production lines of various kinds, plants of various kinds.
    Certificate can be issued for the series production, valid for 5 years. A general Technical Regulation regards the safe operation and recycling of machinery and equipment.
    If the product is not subject for Certification of Conformity for Technical Regulation, it may be subject for mandatory Declaration of Conformity.
    GOST TR CU Certificate system is supervised by Rosstandart (Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology).
    The product compliant with Technical Regulations should be marked by the registered TR CU sign (called Mark of Conformity), which clearly demonstrates to the consumer the product's compliance to the applicable Russian requirements.

  • -Certificate of State Registration.
    " State Registration Certificate" or " Registration Certificate" or Hygienic Certificate (Sanitary Epidemiological Conclusion)
    Certificate of State Registration it is a document that confirms that product is safe for human health. This document is issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Development for the production or importation of products which meet the sanitary regulations and hygienic standards of Customs Union ( Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan - which is valid on the whole territory of this union ). The Customs Union Agreement on sanitary and hygienic standards came into force on July 1st, 2010.

    Here are the list of following products for which are required the Registration Certificate:
      Mineral water, bottled drinking water, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks - including low alcohol and tonic drinks; Special foods, which include baby food, food for pregnant and breastfeeding women, dietary products, food for athletes, biologically active food additives, organic products, supplements; Food additives complex ( plant extracts, aromas and etc.) ; Foods produced using genetically modified (transgenic) organisms; Cosmetics, products of oral hygiene; Household cleaning products; Disinfectants, resources for rat extermination.; Potentially hazardous chemical and biological agents; Materials, equipment, devices and other technical products to treat water intended for use in drinking-water supply; Products intended for contact with food (except cutlery, tableware, manufacturing equipment).; Personal hygienic items for children and adults, children clothes and products using for feeding-care.

    The State Registration Certificate can be issued for finished goods or compliance of products with technical conditions.

    State Registration Certificate is issued by the Federal Service of Supervisory in the area of consumer rights protection and human safety. Document confirms that the product was entered the State Register and is compliant with hygienic and sanitary standards.

  • -Fire Safety Certificate.
    Is the integral part of GOST Certificate of Conformity.
    The Fire Safety certification includes: industrial, construction and business products , fire protection equipment.
    Certification is carried out to prove that product or service meets the fire safety requirements. Requirements according fire safety are determined by federal law of the Russian Federation and by technical regulation of the Russian government.
    Foreign producers who want to receive fire safety certificate have to deliver the following documents:
      Technical description and characteristics of the products; Fire safety parameters tests results protocols (if available); Samples.

  • -GOST-R Certificate of Conformity.


    Certifies quality of actually supplied goods and their compliance with contractual terms. A quality certificate contains a profile of goods or confirms their compliance with certain standards or specifications of a delivery order. A certificate of compliance is intended for certification of goods produced by Russian companies or shipped to Russia by an importer-company. A certificate of compliance can be issued for a batch of goods and on a series production. In the former case a certificate is legalized for a company engaged in supplying goods to the Russian market. Its validity varies with terms of a sale contract. In the latter case a foreign manufacturer of supplied goods is both an applicant and a recipient of a certificate. This type of certificate is valid for a period identified in a certification document. Certification is carried out by our specialists on production premises of a company seeking certification of goods it manufactures. On the basis of results obtained during testing samples of goods in a laboratory an appropriate certificate of series production compliance is issued.


    For products not subjected mandatory certification according to the Russian law, voluntary certification scheme may be applied. Exporters or importers initiate voluntary certification with the aim to formally prove the conformity of their products to the applicable Russian standards, technical norms or recipes. In other words, GOST Certificate of Conformity is a powerful marketing tool to capture Russian customer.